Chapter 1 Power System And Abbreviations

關燈 護眼     字體:

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NOTE: This contains some spoilers, so read at your own risk.

(Energy Unit: Mystic Energy.)

(Power Levels for Mystic Warriors)

- Basic Mystic Warrior

- Intermediate Mystic Warrior

- Advanced Mystic Warrior

- Super Mystic Warrior

- Legendary Mystic Warrior

(Power Levels for Mystic Beasts)

- Basic Mystic Beast

- Intermediate Mystic Beast

- Advanced Mystic Beast

- Super Mystic Beast

- Mythical Mystic Beast

(Grades for Mystic Treasures)

​ - Basic Grade Treasure

- Intermediate Grade Treasure

- Advanced Grade Treasure

- Super Grade Treasure

- Myth Grade Treasure

(Mystic Abilities)

- Normal Mystic Ability

- Epic Mystic Ability

- Legendary Mystic Ability

(Classifications of Mystic Energy)

- Elemental Mystic Energy

- Domain Mystic Energy

- Unique Mystic Energy

(Battle Domains)

Battle Domains are the different martial art specializations that mystic warriors specialize on and use to channel their mystic energy.


B.R.A- Beast Research Alliance

A.O.S- Advanced Operating Systems

After M.A- After Mystic Awakening

K.R.S Credits- King Resistance Shelter Credits

I will be updating this as the novel progresses, and most especially, I'll update Rex's skills here after he gets his system so anticipate it.

[NOTE: This book is not for those who love fast pace from the onset, I will take time to explain the world, Rex, and the mystic world and that is why the first volume is called THE MYSTIC WORLD.]

[My advice despite this is to try it though, once the graduation tournament kicks off, I swear you're going to fall in love with it so read it.]


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